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10 things to consider when choosing a holiday park

June 10th, 2015 by Emily
Billing Aquadrome Holiday Park, Northamptonshire

Billing Aquadrome Holiday Park, Northamptonshire

Trying to find your ideal UK holiday park? Here’s ten things to consider when making your choice.

1. Type of accommodation – the type of accommodation at holiday parks can vary – do you want to stay in a caravan, lodge or something a bit different? Consider the amenities that your group will need – do you have young children, or elderly people in your group?

 2. Cooking facilities – do you want to cook in your accommodation or will you mainly be eating out? If you are self-catering, check what cooking equipment is included and if you will need to take any extras from your own kitchen

 3. Outdoor space and seating – check what outdoor space is allocated to you and if there’s anywhere for you to sit outdoors.

4. Leisure facilities – what is there to do in the park – is there a swimming pool or any sports facilities? Are there sufficient activities for children? You should also consider sports or outdoor adventures available nearby.

5. Parking – ensure that you can park your car and that it will be close to your accommodation (or otherwise secured).

6. Nearby amenities – are there ample shopping facilities nearby or will you need to take food with you?

7. Nearby attractions – what is there to see and do in the local area? Will there be enough to keep you entertained?

8. Space – is there enough space inside for your full party? Don’t just consider beds, will you all have somewhere to sit at mealtimes, for example? And what about room for pets, if allowed?

9. Extras – do you want to stay somewhere with luxury extras such as a hot tub? Many places offer a DVD player, will you want to take favourite movies with you?

10. Opening times – are all the facilities in the park, and attractions near to it, open when you want to make your trip?

It’s the details that make the difference to a holiday, so taking the time to consider all these points carefully should ensure you have a great UK break.

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