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What to take on your UK self-catering holiday

April 22nd, 2015 by Emily
Walking near Shorefield Country Park lodges, Milford-on-Sea

Walking near Shorefield Country Park lodges, Milford-on-Sea

Wondering how to pack for your next UK self-catering holiday? Although most lodges and holiday cottages are well equipped, it’s always helpful to double check what is and isn’t provided in your accommodation before you set off. Here are some items you might need…

Kitchen and picnic equipment

Make sure you take any specialist kitchen or picnic equipment you are likely to want, for example a thermos flask, a hand-blender, Tupperware, useful knives and matches.


Depending on the entertainment facilities available in your self-catering accommodation, you might like to take some of your own DVDs, CDs, books and board games. Also remember to pack chargers for any electrical items you take with you.

Food and drink

Although some places will supply the basics like cooking oil, you may still want to take extras like condiments, herbs and spices. You’ll also need tea and coffee if they aren’t provided plus, of course, all the food you want to cook.

Cleaning supplies

Taking washing up liquid with you will save a trip to the shops, and although loo roll is normally provided, packing a spare roll is always a good idea.

Towels and bedding

Always check if towels are bedding are provided, and remember you may still need to take beach towels even if they are – many coastal places specify towels are not to be taken out of the house.

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