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Holiday Boats in Cambridgeshire Waterways

A boating holiday in Cambridgeshire Waterways puts you within the uplifting natural environment that is the Fens. This place evokes the England of a time long gone, and provides the calming, invigorating atmosphere that makes a break truly special, whether you're a family or couple looking to escape for a little while.

With boats available designed to house anything from 2 to 6 people, the boatyards here are well set up to cater to a variety of needs. The boats act as the perfect private little home on the water, the best position from which to enjoy this enchanting area.

The delights of Cambridgeshire are many and varied, from the majestic heritage site that is Cambridge itself to the historical wonders of Ely with its famous cathedral. The countryside parts of Cambridgeshire are very rural, a great place to free yourself from the strains of modern life, if only for a short time.

There's plenty to get up to in Cambridgeshire, from a vast array of cultural delights and urban pastimes in the region's many towns and villages, to the totally unspoilt swathes of pure English countryside.

Cambridgeshire is a fantastic area to visit if you're looking to combine active and relaxing pursuits as you please.

The timeless charms of the Cambridgeshire Waterways await you on a boating holiday at Bridge Boatyard in Ely. Nestling within the idyllic and peaceful stretch that is the...